Our large trajectory has provided us with a consolidated experience on events, which lets us know perfectly the usual necessities in this field and to even anticipate them.

The professional equipment of AUTOCARES VERA forms a specialized structure in every area of the service we offer. We make available our experience so you can choose the option which best fits your necessities and budget.


We also have a wide experience on the transportation of sports teams. We know what the sportsman needs to travel comfortably and in a secure way, and due to that we offer coaches of the latest technology for teams and federations, which will help them to reach the training session or meeting with full capacities and giving the best in the match.


The guests of professional or private celebrations (business meals, weddings, baptisms or other religious events) are thankful to be offered a way of transportation, which lets them enjoy the celebration avoiding worries or problems.

They will be able to arrive at the event without worrying about the traffic, looking for the track or trying to find a place to park, but most importantly, they will be able to enjoy the celebration without having to think about the way of getting back or the possible breathalyzer tests.

In AUTOCARES VERA we collaborate in the planning of your event so it can be successful, helping you with the track and finding the solution which best fits your necessities.


  • Because of our experience, more than 90 years
  • Because of our certified quality
  • Freedom of choice: big range of vehicles
  • High-quality vehicles
  • Security, reliability and guarantee
  • 24h phone in case of incidents
  • Accessible service of transportation
  • Qualified skilled workers
  • Incorporation of the latest advances in security


  • AUTOCARES VERA contributes for safety, reliability and guarantee by:
  • Purchase of vehicles of the best brands, both chassis and bodywork
  • Constant renovation of the fleet
  • Development of maintenance preventive controls in our own plants
  • Incorporation of the latest advances in technology, even before their compulsory establishment
  • Special training for our drivers